Kimono Rental Shop in Kyoto Hana Kanzashi


Only for now, it’s free of charge.

Why don’t you try our sightseeing planning service to see around Kyoto?

Our staffs who has been living in this city for his/her entire life grant your wishes!



・Please reserve for rental kimono first.


・Please email following 10 items to < “Contact Us” > by 1 week before of your visit.


・We make a plan based on your wishes and email it back to you by 2 days before of your visit.


・Please let us know what you want to do as detailed as possible, it may help us to make better plan.


・If you have lots of things to want to do and seems to be difficult to make the plan within the working day (9:00am-8:30pm),

we may ask you to return kimono on the following day for 1000 yen (Next-day returning)


・In this case, you can also choose “Hotel-returning plan” for 2000yen (this cost includes next-day returning fee)

We deliver your bagagge to a hotel which you stay by 8pm on the day,

then you will be able to get back straight to the hotel.

Please return the kimono and other renting goods at the front desk of the hotel by the following day.


10 items we need to know


②Phone number

④Where are you from?

⑤What you want to do/go in Kyoto

⑥What you want to eat in Kyoto

⑦Transportation you want to use

(1) Train and Bus (2)Mainly Train and Bus, but also Taxi (3)Mainly Taxi

⑧What time would you like to get back to our shop?

(Final returning time is 8:30pm)

⑨If you want to return the following day, what time would you like to go back to the hotel/ the place you stay?

⑩Any other wishes


※This service is only for the customer who rent a kimono at our shop, and is just a example for your journey.